About Cyclists 4 Jamestown


Cyclists 4 Jamestown is an informal organization of volunteers representing the cycling community based in the Front Range of Colorado.  Jamestown, Colorado is a wonderful small mountain town in the foothills northwest of Boulder and for years has been a very popular destination for cyclists.  The residents of Jamestown have been very gracious toward us for many years.  Now, they are really hurting badly and we want to help them in any way we can to bring their town back from the 100 Year Flood of 2013.

For more information, please contact our organizers. This organization is managed by Wednesday Morning Velo and Boulder Cycling Club in cooperation with many other cyclists, local businesses, and volunteers.


  1. Unfortunately, this effort, while appreciated, is directly competing with and keeping donations from the official Rebuild Jamestown fundraising effort. Both C4Jtown and Rebuild Jamestown are on the SAME DROP-DOWN menu of the Community Foundation website. The ONLY fund officially sanctioned by Jamestown is the Rebuild Jamestown Fund. This fund directly supports rebuilding Jamestown’s infrastructure.

  2. @Bill thanks for the head up about the broken link. It has been fixed. I’ll also forward your concern to Russ and Rob who have been working closely with the Community Foundation and Rebuild Jamestown.

  3. Dear Bill,

    I am sorry for the confusion. This is NOT a competing fund. This effort is in complete cooperation with Rebuild Jamestown, who has fully sanctioned our efforts. All funds donated to Cyclists 4 Jamestown go DIRECTLY to the Rebuild Jamestown fund. By choosing to donate to “Cyclists 4 Jamestown” you are simply indicating that you want your donation to be recognized as coming through the efforts of our organization so that we and the people of Jamestown are able to know what portion of those funds came as a result of this effort.
    For more information please go to: http://c4jtown.com/2013/10/08/community-foundation-rebuild-jamestown/.
    – Russ Chandler
    co-chair, Cyclists 4 Jamestown

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