How you can donate


Simple, click the button below. You will be directed to the Community Foundation of Boulder County.  How do these funds get directed to Jamestown?

Make sure you toggle down the arrow and select ‘Cyclists 4 Jamestown‘ specifically in the I want my donation to be designated toward section. How to have your donation matched in memory of Leslie Bohm.



If you would like to send a check, make checks out to: Cyclists 4 Jamestown Fund to indicate that it is part of the “Cyclists 4 Jamestown” event. It will be tracked as coming from Cyclist 4 Jamestown and deposited directly, 100% into the Rebuild Jamestown Fund.

Mail to:

Cyclists 4 Jamestown Fund
c/o The Community Foundation
Serving Boulder County
1123 Spruce Street
Boulder, Colorado 80302


If you have a silent auction item or product/food/beverage donation, please go to our auction donation page.


If you would like to make a pledge now and complete your donation later, please email with your name, and company logo (if on behalf of a company)  and we can add you to the site once you donate.


Contact us to become a supporter today! We already have raised more than $120,000 to rebuild Jamestown. Check out who have supported this effort on behalf of cyclists to rebuild Jamestown! See full list of organizations and individuals.

These organizations have pledged $500 or more in cash to rebuilding Jamestown!

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These companies are donating more than $500 in goods or services to help put on this effort!

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These companies have pledged $100 or more to rebuilding Jamestown!

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These companies donated valuable products or services the for event or silent auction.

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These cycling teams and clubs have agreed to participate.

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These individuals have pledged $100 or more to rebuilding Jamestown!

Rob Andrew
Jasmine Aranda
Adam Asnes
Trudy Aylikci
David Becker
Stephen Beckley
Barbara Bennett & Michael Chapman
Howard Blitz
Crista Boscoe
Russell & Leslie Chandler
Tracy Chandler
Josh Chinkes
Faith Clauson
Susan Collins
Warren Cope
Douglas Cullen
Michaela Cooney-Polstra
Gary Dorris
Leanne Paez Duncan
Spencer Erman
Jason Eckenroth
Hannelore Eckmann
Juergen Eckmann
Jim & Sherri Everett
John Falconer
Jeremy Fields
John Flora
J.J. Folsom
Mark Forrand
Jim Franklin
Pamela Freeman
CJ Gauss
Karli Gronholm
Jason Haislmayer
Mark Haley
Stanley Hayden
Kyle Herren
Kent Hirsh
Larry Hirshland
Don Hobbs
Todd Hofert
Jens Husted
Norman Jones
Howard Karawan
Rob Kaufman
Joseph Keenan
Adam & Beth Kimberly
Jordan Kobert
Michael Koren
Ronald Krubeck
Ted Landers
Sarah Laventure
Michael Magluilo
Damon Marxer
Steve Matous
Connie McDonald
Todd Mead
Jill Nelson
Jeff Ofsanko
Steven Oppenheimer
Mike Peck
Andy Pemberton
Thomas Pennell
Mike Pierce
Thomas Prehn
Scott & Joellen Raderstorf
Theodore Rice
Paul Roach (RE/MAX Boulder)
Mike Ruby
Rob Russell
Rick Samuelson
Jeff Sczechowski
Lynn Shader
Andrew Shoemaker
Mo Siegel
Jeff Skovron
Jeff Somers
Nathan Telschow
Josh Traube
Peter Troller
Bob Unger
Robert Urwiler
Michael Walsh
Peter Welles
Richard Wiss
Chris Wolfe
Alan Youngblood
Lennard Zinn

About the Cyclists 4 Jamestown Event

When: Saturday October 19th. 7:30 am to sunset.

Where: Beech Aircraft building upper parking lot above the McGuckin’s Warehouse out on 36, on the west side 1/4 mile south of Neva Road.

What:  A one day event where you can come and meet leaders of our cycling community including some pro road and mountain bike racers, from past and present, make a donation for Jamestown, and also buy some cool stuff in our silent auction. And we’ll have food, coffee, and beer, music, and more

Pledge/donate/volunteer: There is no minimum, but many organizations and individuals have pledged support of $100, and even up to $1,000 or more.  Think about what you paid for your last set of tires, new kit, Garmin, entry to the Triple Bypass, or that “extra” bike you just bought, and then open your wallet to some people that are really hurting.  With a $100 donation or more, you as an individual or your company will be recognized on this website and in other ways.  Indicate any amount you wish to donate in the body of your text. As pledges come in, they will be added to the list below. Or, click here to donate to the silent auction or offer to volunteer your time.

How are the funds allocated?  We are partnered with the organization “Rebuild Jamestown”, which is collecting funds to restore access, rebuild infrastructure,  and support people who have lost their homes.  More information is available at  You can donate on their website and the funds will go to the same place, but we encourage you to donate on our website or at the event, itself so the magnitude of the cycling community’s support of Jamestown can be measured.


Additional details:

  • The event will happen rain, shine, or snow.  You are encouraged to ride your bike there, meet up with friends, ride, and then come back and stay a while.
  • We expect to attract some well known pros from past and present to come out and meet and greet.
  • Local businesses are encouraged to donate some food and/or schwag to the event, as well as the silent auction.  Please contact us if you are interested!