C4JTown Ride Organized by Boulder Cycle Sport

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Boulder Cycle Sport would like to invite you on a group ride leaving our North location at 10:30am Saturday October 19th. The ride will end at the Cyclist for Jamestown fundraiser, located at the Beech Aircraft building by the McGuckins Warehouse, out on hwy 36 & Neva Road. This is a one day event where you can come and meet leaders of our cycling community including some pro road and mountain bike racers, make a donation forJamestown, and also buy some cool stuff in the silent auction. There will be food, coffee, and beer. Probably music, too! –
The ride will be an approximately 40 mile route out through Hygiene, to Rabbit Mountain, and ending at the event. We invite ALL our fellow cyclist, of ANY ability, to join us. The weather is supposed to be in the high 50’s and sunny on Saturday, so please dress appropriately.

Cyclists 4 Jamestown to Raise Money for Town Devastated by Recent Floods

Front Range Cycling Community Organizes Fundraiser For Favorite Cycling Destination Town

BOULDER, Colo., Oct. 8, 2013 – Cyclists 4 Jamestown (http://c4jtown.org/), an organization of Front Range cyclists, is teaming up with Rebuild Jamestown, a fund to restore critical infrastructure for the town, in an effort to raise money for Jamestown, Colo., in the aftermath of the recent severe flooding with an all-day event Oct. 19 at the old Beech Aircraft office park 2 miles north of town on the left, ¼ mile south of Neva Road.

For years, Jamestown has been a beloved cycling destination in the area, but due to the recent floods the small town has sustained severe damage, estimated at over $35 million.  Roads have been washed out, there is no clean water, and 20 percent of the homes in town were destroyed, with the rest of the residents displaced.  One person, the former owner of the famous Merc café, Joey Howlett was killed.

Cycling enthusiasts of all types, from novices to pros, are encouraged to attend the event in support of Jamestown reconstruction efforts.  There will be a variety of festivities including a silent and live auction, raffle food, beer, live music, fun activities, and “meet-and-greets” with leaders of the local cycling community, including pro road and mountain bike racers from past and present.  Jamestown mayor Tara Shoedinger and other residents of the community will also be on hand to tell their stories firsthand.

Tax deductible donations can be made at the event or online at http://c4jtown.org. The organization has already received pledges worth more than $40,000. There is no minimum to donate, but with a contribution of $100 or more, you or your company will be recognized on the Cyclists 4 Jamestown website.  Volunteers are also needed at the event or and the organization is looking for items to be included in the auction and raffle.

Who: Cyclists 4 Jamestown

What: A one-day event held to raise money for the town of Jamestown. Cycle over to enjoy the day with members of the Colorado Front Range cycling community and help to make a difference for neighbors in need.

When: Saturday, October 19, 7:30 a.m. to sunset

Where: Beech Aircraft building upper parking lot (above the McGuckin’s Warehouse on US-36 W, ¼ mile south of Neva Road)

For additional information about the Cyclists 4 Jamestown event and for more ways you or your business can help, please visit c4jtown.org/donate.

About the Community Foundation and Rebuild Jamestown

The Community Foundation is a 501(3)(c) nonprofit organization and a public charity recognized by the IRS under sections 509(a)(1) and 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) of the Internal Revenue Code.   For more information, go to http://www.commfound.org/.  Funds donated to the Community Foundation are directed according to what the donor selects as the beneficiary.  Selecting Cyclists 4 Jamestown as the beneficiary identifies your donation as coming from our efforts.  These funds are combined with the funds from Rebuild Jamestown, which are also being managed by the Community Foundation.

Rebuild Jamestown is a fund administered through the Community Foundation targeted at rebuilding infrastructure and access for Jamestown, with the goal of raising more than 10% of the estimated $35 million in costs estimated by FEMA.  FEMA is expected to fund the remaining 90%.  For more information, go to http://www.rebuildjamestownco.org/.

Funds donated to the Cyclists 4 Jamestown Fund and the Rebuild Jamestown Fund are combined together to support Rebuild Jamestown.


Pro Racers that will be present at C4Jtown Event October 19th at 10:00 am

Come out at 10:00 and meet these pros. Donate $20 and you get to ride with them for a couple of hours!

Mara Abbott – Team Exergy Twenty 16
Matt Cooke – Team Jamis-Hagens-Berman
Mike Creed – Optum Pro Cycling
Carter Jones – Bissell Pro Cycling
Pat McCarty – Bissell Pro Cycling
Frank Pipp – Bissell Pro Cycling
Kiel Reijnen – United Healthcare Pro Cycling


Map to C4JTown Event

The event is being held in the upper parking lot of the old Beech Aircraft facility, on highway 36 (6849 Foothills Highway), 2 miles north of Boulder, 2 miles south of the Greenbriar, 1/4 mile south of Neva road, on the west side of the highway.

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Quotes from Cyclists about Jamestown

Thanks so much for doing this. I recently calculated that I’ve ridden to Jamestown over 300 times, and not a time has passed while during the ride (especially descending, I must confess) that I haven’t marveled at my incredible good fortune to be doing this here. In addition, we have some very close friends who live in Jamestown, so the loss is closer to home.

– Bob Unger, Boulder

Why are we doing this?

The following is an excerpt from a letter submitted by Don Hobbs, a leader in the Boulder cycling community:

As an active cyclist in Boulder and the Front Range, you know well that Jamestown is one of many small towns ravaged by the flood. But for local cyclists, it’s not just another town, it’s a fabled destination.  Just ask Bob Unger. From the Greenbriar Restaurant at the Left Hand Canyon turnoff at US Hwy 36 to the J’Town Mercantile where we pause and perhaps buy a snack and a drink, it’s just over 8 miles of pure cycling joy, both up and down. Or was.

Now the road is washed out, homes are lost, a life was lost, and folks are in dire need of support. We can’t even get up there to see the damage, we just have photos like this…..


Or this….


Cyclists and Jamestown have a long history. Sometimes that history has been rocky as we’ve worked to accommodate each other’s lifestyles and transportation objectives. Sometimes its gone very well. Now isn’t the time to think of anything but helping our neighbors.

This Cyclists for Jamestown fundraiser is the inspiration of Wednesday Morning Velo, a group of riders who gather at Amante at the crack of dawn all summer long for networking rides with our fellow professionals. Jamestown is a frequent destination, and a favorite of the group. It’s a great group of cyclists, and it’s our goal today to make a difference…a big difference…in the lives of our mountain dwelling friends.

Many of you may have suffered your own damage, and this may be a difficult time for you if you are focused on setting things right in your own household. But if you were fortunate enough to escape the Great Flood of 2013 unscathed, please consider offering help this worthy cause.

And we very much encourage you to ride over on October 19 and partake of the fun. We have a goal of raising at least $100,000 which we know the cycling community can deliver, hopefully a great deal more. Anything and everything you can share with those in need is helpful and adds to the ways we can make the lives of our friends in Jamestown just a little bit better in this very difficult time.

Amante WMV group



Volunteer Committee

The Following Individuals Have Volunteered Their Time To Make This Happen

Rob Andrew
Todd Atkins
Brenna Backe
Chris Baldwin
Greg Borchert
Roy Burger
Russ Chandler
CJ GAuss
Karli Gronholm
Jason Haislmaier
Don Hobbs
Ed Kuh
Curtis Jones
Marc Peruzzi
Thomas Prehn
Matt Sass
Rachel Scott
Adam Sher
Kris Thompson
Cam Tyler
Marie Willson

Individual Supporters

Individuals Who Have Donated $100 or More in Cash (listed alphabetically)

Rob Andrew
Rob Andrew
Jasmine Aranda
Adam Asnes
Trudy Aylikci
David Becker
Stephen Beckley
Barbara Bennett & Michael Chapman
Howard Blitz
Crista Boscoe
Russell & Leslie Chandler
Tracy Chandler
Josh Chinkes
Faith Clauson
Susan Collins
Warren Cope
Douglas Cullen
Michaela Cooney-Polstra
Gary Dorris
Leanne Paez Duncan
Spencer Erman
Jason Eckenroth
Hannelore Eckmann
Juergen Eckmann
Jim & Sherri Everett
John Falconer
Jeremy Fields
John Flora
J.J. Folsom
Mark Forrand
Jim Franklin
Pamela Freeman
CJ Gauss
Karli Gronholm
Jason Haislmayer
Mark Haley
Stanley Hayden
Kyle Herren
Kent Hirsh
Larry Hirshland
Don Hobbs
Todd Hofert
Jens Husted
Norman Jones
Howard Karawan
Rob Kaufman
Joseph Keenan
Adam & Beth Kimberly
Jordan Kobert
Michael Koren
Ronald Krubeck
Ted Landers
Sarah Laventure
Michael Magluilo
Damon Marxer
Steve Matous
Connie McDonald
Todd Mead
Jill Nelson
Jeff Ofsanko
Steven Oppenheimer
Mike Peck
Andy Pemberton
Thomas Pennell
Mike Pierce
Thomas Prehn
Scott & Joellen Raderstorf
Theodore Rice
Paul Roach (RE/MAX Boulder)
Mike Ruby
Rob Russell
Rick Samuelson
Jeff Sczechowski
Lynn Shader
Andrew Shoemaker
Mo Siegel
Jeff Skovron
Jeff Somers
Nathan Telschow
Josh Traube
Peter Troller
Bob Unger
Robert Urwiler
Michael Walsh
Peter Welles
Richard Wiss
Chris Wolfe
Alan Youngblood
Lennard Zinn