Greater Jamestown Community Fund

jtown houseThe September 2013 floods have severely impacted many residents of Jamestown.  15 homes in Jamestown were destroyed and another 25 homes were damaged by 25% or more.  Many families and individuals have had to relocate from their homes and are experiencing severe financial burdens as a result.

The Greater Jamestown Community Fund is a new fund set up by Community Foundation, alongside the existing Rebuild Jamestown Fund.  Unlike that fund, which is targeted toward rebuilding our critical infrastructure, this fund will be used to directly assist residents of the greater Jamestown area that have been impacted by the floods due to loss or severe damage to their homes.

The fund was initiated by the Dr. Scholl Foundation and is administered by a committee of Jamestown residents who will accept applications from their neighbors who have experienced financial hardship due to the September 2013 floods.  The members of the board are not eligible to receive assistance.

Starting with the Fat Tire Flurry event on December 22, 2013, Cyclists 4 Jamestown has begun to direct all funds it raises to the Jamestown Community Fund, to directly assist families and individuals who have been displaced by the floods.